History to Colour Forecasting Today: MODULE 2

History to Colour Forecasting Today: module 2

What is the Colour Course?

How do you know what colours are in fashion next season and what the future trends are in color?


Colour choices are shaped by the cultural and social context of the time that we live in, as well as the past. Identify fresh new ways to use colour by looking at the social and political influences that shaped historical colour trends so you can determine present and future colour trends.


This module will give you an understanding of historically proven rules of form and colour. You will consider colour from different cultures and belief systems, such as those of Steiner, Itten and Feng Sui. Practical, fun and inspirational sessions will help you develop colour palettes and provide you with colour organizational tools.

History to Colour Forecasting Today: module 2

What will I learn?

With practical exercises you will learn:

  • Colour culture
  • Developing colour palettes
  • History of colour trends
  • Colour forecasting

By the end of this module, you will be able to create colour combinations for your own or others' environments.

History to Colour Forecasting Today: module 2

Who is it for?

The workshop is ideal for interior, fashion & graphic designers, architects, painters & suppliers, makeupartists. Basically, anyone in the industry or studying to be.
Also, if you are doing a new home build, renovation or redecorating, this course will be perfect for you.

History to Colour Forecasting Today: module 2

Why Debbie Abercrombie

Originally a fashion designer and lecturer on interior design at the Wellington Polytechnic, Debbie Abercrombie is now one of New Zealand’s foremost, interior designers for residential, commercial and marine spaces.

Some call her a “colour whiz” and in 2018, Debbie Abercrombie has been presented with Resene Lifetime Achievement Award at the Resene Total Colour Awards

History to Colour Forecasting Today: module 2

The details:

Please contact Debbie if you want to book a group workshop or to be in the waiting list for the next one.

Colour manipulation: module 2

Hear from Alumni

Both my husband and I found Debbie very easy to deal with. She listened to what we wanted, and nothing was too much trouble. I liked how she was able to come up with the whole package – everybody who comes around loves the result.


Sue McAleese

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